Strategic Business Process

Strategic Business Process


Critical Care Solutions has focused its attention to Anaesthesia, Intensive Care, Emergency Medicine Equipment, Gas Management, and infrastructure Critical Care Consulting; a niche area in Uganda.

It is emerging that the greatest number of preventable deaths are occurring in hospitals, which deaths could be prevented by intensive care protocols (examples include maternal deaths, postoperative, head injuries, sepsis, diabetes, heart attacks, respiratory failure, kidney failure, etc.)

While it is internationally recommended that 15% of total bed strength of hospitals be equipped for critical care, the whole country alone has less than 50 beds (1 bed to a million Ugandans). This means that patients who would otherwise benefit from critical/intensive care miss out and succumb to their ailments.

Notably, 68% of private for profit hospitals are situated in central Uganda, 45%of these serving the urban population in Kampala. These cater for mainly 50 – 60% of the medium to high income population through Insurance schemes and out of pocket payments. They are largely self reliant for financing and expansion of services and are working at improving their services so as to attract more business. Ministry of Health through grants and government spending is also revamping the health service. Critical Care Solutions targets both the private and public sector in Uganda.

The equipment we deal in includes all equipment that is critical in saving lives of patients that are deemed critical including point of care equipment.

The business model is fairly simple; identify equipment needs of hospitals; Sign commercial terms with suppliers. Supply the equipment to hospitals as outright sales. In some instances where hospitals do not have capital to outright buy a machine, Critical Care Solutions buys the machine and enters into a profit share agreement or leases the machine out to the health care provider.