About Us

Critical Care Solutions is a specialized equipment supplies company as well as provides consultancy services for ICU design and operation, infrastructure and gas management.
The company was founded by Ugandan Businessmen on the advice of ABG (Anaesthesia Business Group) – a consortium of private and public anaesthesia and intensive care providers who were frustrated by the poor attention this sector was getting as well as inferior quality medical equipment supplied to private and public medical institutions in
Uganda. Critical Care Solutions core business is;

core business

We are committed to serve the communities where we do business to provide our people with innovative, high-quality lifesaving products and services and to protect the health of our nation and our environment.


To Be the Regional Equipment and Logistics Supply Leader in the Fields of Anaesthesia, Intensive Care, Emergency Medicine, Gas Management and Hospital Infrastructure.


To assist healthcare professionals save more lives through

  • Focused equipment purchase
  • Efficient equipment maintenance
  • Education and best practices


  • Extensive and up to date knowledge on intensive care, ICU and emergency Medical Equipment.
  • Pool of talented staff throughout the equipment acquisition cycle
  • We understand your needs and uniqueness
  • Provide relevant cost effective equipment and consumables
  • Support you to maintain you equipment
  • Keep you up to date on available updates
  • Cost effective, durable and environment sensitive equipment
  • Timely delivery schedules
  • Reduce the financial burden by leasing out equipment in some cases
  • Customer satisfaction is key to our reputation